Hi and welcome to Mix It Up! I’m Erica. Before we go any further, I feel it’s only fair to warn you…I’m a dietitian. We get a bad rap, probably because we’re always telling people to put down the bacon and step away from the cupcakes. I’m pretty sure that ‘dietitian’ loosely translated means “bearer of bad news”. But please know that I’m not one of those Food-Police, type-A, crunchy-granola dietitians. I’m a real human who loves to eat real food that doesn’t suck.

By day, I work as a corporate wellness dietitian, but by night…look out.  (Who am I kidding? I can barely stay awake past 10:00.) Okay, by late afternoon, I pull out the ol’ apron and teach kids’ cooking classes with my teenage daughter.

I live in Southeastern Wisconsin with my husband, our daughter, who I call Mini-Me, and our crazy dog (not pictured because dogs aren’t allowed at weddings and that’s the only time we have pictures taken because that’s the only time that all 3 of us look presentable).

I’ll be sharing cooking class stuff, little nuggets of useless information, and of course some recipes.



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