#ShopSmall, Y’all

Hello!!!!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that you survived Black Friday shopping, if you’re into that. I saw a meme on Facebook that went a little something like this…

“I skip Black Friday because my hatred for mankind outweighs my love for stuff.”

While I don’t hate mankind, I don’t particularly enjoy crowds. Especially when those crowds include some tired, cranky hungry people who’ve been up for 36 hours straight. So, because I don’t want to end up on the news holding someone in a headlock inside TJ Maxx, I choose to stay home and do most of my shopping on-line on Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. It’s just safer that way.

Because I’m a small business owner (and because I now have tangible stuff to sell…WOOHOO!), I’m running some sales through Monday. I hope you’ll check them out and #ShopSmall. Thank you for supporting small and local businesses! We really appreciate it!

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