Who’s Up For A Game of Ice Cream or Intestines?


This is a fun little game called “Ice Cream or Intestines?” where I show you a picture and you guess if it’s a bowl full of ice cream or intestines (or freshly ground beef). I made the game up when I saw this monstrosity come out of my Yonanas last night.  (Generic Yonanas machine, of course, because I’m not paying $50 for a name when I can get the same generic thing at Shopko for $30.)

This is actually the coolest thing ever. You literally throw frozen banana chunks and whatever other frozen fruit you want down the cute and BOOM.  Frozen deliciousness. It’s tastes more like frozen yogurt than ice cream. Either way, WHO CARES? I can eat all I want!! Mwahahaha! Never mind the fact that it looks like innards; this shit is GOOD. So good, that my ice cream-snob husband and daughter both horked down an entire bowl and the daughter was scrounging around for more when she finished…”Mom, I know it’s Mother’s Day but are you gonna eat all that?” Hell yeah, I’m going to eat all that.  And probably some of dad’s too. So back off.

2 frozen bananas cut into 1 inch chunks
1 cup mixed berries (I used cherries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries)
Throw it in a Yonanas or similar generic machine, alternating the bananas with the other fruit.



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