It’s Been Fun, but Get This Shit Off My Face

About once a month, I’m on a show called Real Milwaukee on Fox 6. I love it. The hosts are great, I get to plug my book, and I get to eat things like brownies for breakfast. The only bad part is that in order to not get completely washed out by the bright lights, I have to wear make-up. A LOT of make-up. And I hate it. My face feels all cakey and gross and my eyes burn. I can’t wait to get home and chisel it off.

Alright. I’m done bitching about trivial stuff. The show went well today (I think). I don’t like watching it. It’s weird to me. You know how your voice sounds different and you see yourself from angles you normally don’t? I’m like, Damn. I forgot to straighten a section of hair in the back of my head. Ooops. Noah was my helper. We decided to have him try separating an egg for the first time while he was on live TV. It didn’t work but it made for great TV. He was a good sport about it. Here were are in the studio…


and here’s the link to the segment. Now I have to do all the dishes from this morning. I don’t wanna!!!!!!!

Get the kids in the kitchen: Fresh, flavorful recipes the whole family can help make




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