Weight Loss ≠ Health

A client that I hadn’t seen in a several months came to my office the other day. I noticed she was thinner (and crabbier) and asked what she was doing to lose weight. Turns out she’s on a meal replacement program where you buy all of your food from a weight loss company; glorified and expensive Slim-Fast-type shakes for breakfast, some frozen boxed meal for lunch, another one for dinner, and a shit-ton of pre-packaged granola bars for snacks.

She made it through the entire Christmas season without a single cookie or cocktail. She just brought her shakes and granola bars with her to every holiday party. When she goes out to eat, she brings a frozen entree with her. (I’m still not exactly sure how that works. “I’m not going to order anything, but can you microwave this for me?”) Some people may slow-clap and  think, “Well done, crabby-lady’s willpower. Well done.” Um…no. Who the hell wants to live like that? Not me. I’d end up murdering someone with a steak knife about two hours in. Guaranteed.

Did I forget to mention that she hasn’t had a single fruit or vegetable since September? SINCE SEPTEMBER! She’s on the ‘no added foods’ plan, which means she can’t eat anything but the shit they sell her: highly processed crap full of things like trans fat, artificial sweeteners, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, chicken powder (I don’t even want to know what that is) and high fructose corn syrup.

General rules to live by…If you need a PhD in chemistry to read the ingredient list for a FOOD, it’s not FOOD, so don’t eat it. If it doesn’t fit into a FOOD group, it’s not FOOD, so don’t eat it.

Just because you lose weight on some diet doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Eliminating entire food groups, taking a shit-ton of supplements, not eating any fresh food; none of that is even remotely healthy but these weight loss companies continue to push it on us and tell us we’ll ‘lose weight and feel great’. Ugh. I really wish they would care more about the people they’re feeding this bullshit to than their bottom line.

Rant over.

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