Behind the Scenes


My baby brother, although still 10 years old in my mind, is a successful photographer in the Windy City, so I made him (he volunteered to) take some pictures for the cookbook. I never realized how much equipment it took to make a picture look good. Not to mention the lighting. Holy hell it was HOT under those lights. If you look closely, you just might see my make-up melting off. Here’s a nice shot of Mini-Me and me. Look how well we’re working together and having fun, a little mother-daughter bonding time. Awwww, how sweet, right? Well, here’s what was actually going on…


Not so sweet. He did get some great shots of us but also some that won’t make the cut because of my inability to just have a normal face. Like in the picture above, or these…

Thank God for digital cameras so we can catch these right away without wasting a whole roll of film to find out I have crazy-face in every damn picture, like we did back in the day. (Holy shit, I’m 80.)

Well, I’m off to do more cookbook editing, which seems to be the story of my life lately. Almost done. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

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